Variety of Courses

All SafeySoft publicly available workshops can be presented at your facility. We also offer refresher training for experienced compliance managers, condensed courses for operations personnel who have specific job functions, as well as material-focused courses.



Schedule a Live Webinar

Need to deliver training to more than one facility? Private webinars provide many of the benefits of a live, instructor-led on-site workshop but without the added travel costs for the instructor or your participants. It also allows you to train multiple facilities at once, ensuring that your national operations receive the same high-quality training.

Your participants will be able to connect from a conference room with projection and speaker phone capabilities, from their individual desks, or both! A key benefit of a privately scheduled webinar is the ability to interact with your instructor at any time and make sure your specific questions are answered. You'll be able to do so over the phone or by typing questions using our live instructor chat feature.




Quality Instruction

SafeySoft instructors are experienced teachers who excel in explaining complex regulatory concepts in clear, easy-to-grasp language. Every Lion training program is created and meticulously updated by our full-time staff of professional instructors and content developers. All of the training materials you receive have been designed for easy navigation and reference.


Tailored to Your Needs

Before you receive your quote, we will make sure the training program that you select is appropriate for your employees and regulatory responsibilities. Once you confirm your training dates, your Lion instructor will contact you to further delve into your specific operations and compliance concerns. During your on-site program, your employees will have the opportunity to ask your instructor questions relating to their job functions and your company's operations in a confidential environment.



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